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Other less traditional theists have argued that these things are inevitable side effects of other positive things in creation, such as allowing for creation to exemplify its own creativity and spontaneity. I believe both views contain some insight as well as many problems. The Argument From Animal Suffering. I contend that animal suffering is an evil that needs to be accounted for by theists who believe that God is all good and all powerful. Consider this: All developed societies punish people when they inflict unnecessary pain on animals.

This practice only makes sense if we share a fundamental conviction that animal suffering is an evil that should be avoided and remedied when possible. This is the option we presuppose when we hold humans culpable for inflicting suffering on animals. Second, and closely related to this, if infirmities are the natural result of natural processes operating according to the laws of nature, on the one hand, while also being, at times, the result of demonic activity, on the other, then it seems that the laws of nature as we now find them must to some extent be demonically influenced. In fact, the New Testament says that Satan holds the keys of death Heb.

This should be enough to tell us that natural processes can, in some cases, and to some extent, be satanically influenced. Third, for Satan and demons to be involved, on any level, with bringing about infirmities, they must be able to affect matter. On top of this, we need to remember the incredible stature and authority ascribed to Satan in the New Testament. He is said to control the entire world IJn and to own all the authority of all the kingdoms of the world Lk In this light, why should we think it impossible that this fallen archangel, along with his minions, has messed with the natural order of things?

Consider also that humans have the capacity to affect natural processes, for better or for worse. For several millennia we have brought about new breeds of domesticated animals, for example. Their offspring were apparently hybrid creatures who were abnormally large. So, we have solid biblical reasons to conclude that spirits can affect matter and mess with the general order of things.

I discuss this at length in God at War.

God as the devil

Some of these accounts depict God battling hostile personified waters that were believed to encompass the earth, while others talk of cosmic beasts e. Leviathan, Rahab, Yamm that all ancient near eastern people believed threatened creation see, eg. Biblical authors are uniformly confident that Yahweh can handle these cosmic foes. Yet, his victory is considered praiseworthy precisely because these foes are real and formidable.

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Now, the language of God resisting hostile waters or cosmic monsters is obviously mythic. How are we to reconcile these passages with the Genesis creation account where there seems to be no conflict? God created all that exists vs. What happened in between, I suggest, was the angelic rebellion and the corruption of creation. The chaoskampf material never addresses where the forces of chaos came from, but I submit the New Testament provides us with a ready answer.

For here we learn about the rebellion of various angels, headed up by Satan 2 Pet ; Jude 6; cf. I Tim. In light of all this, I see no reason to assume that nature as we now find it is in every respect nature as God intended it to be. Rather, it seems reasonable to me to conclude that the warfare between good and evil permeates the very fabric of the creation.

The Changing Face Of Satan, From To Today

Lewis also speculated somewhere that the violence in evolutionary history might be plausibly explained by the influence of anti-God forces. They will be yours for food. Nor did God give animals to humans to eat. Adam was not free to eat any of the animals.

Who Is the God of This World?

The covenant of Gen. To Noah and his sons the Lord says:. The fear and dread of you will fall on all the beasts of the earth and all the birds in the sky, on every creature that moves along the ground, and on all the fish in the sea; they are given into your hands. Everything that lives and moves will be food for you. Just as I gave you the green plants, I now give you everything.

But you must not eat meat that has its lifeblood still in it. Also in explicit contrast to Genesis 1, God now allows humans to eat meat so long as the blood is drained out , just as God previously allowed humans to eat vegetation. Jesus made the destruction of sin possible. Who makes the final, complete eradication of sin from the universe a certainty? How does God really feel about people?

Satan Misrepresents the Father Satan misrepresents God as unfeeling, aloof, exacting, stern, and unapproachable. The Father Can Hardly Wait For the sole purpose of making you happy, our heavenly Father has prepared a fabulous eternal home for you. Your wildest dreams here on earth are no match for what He has waiting for you!

He can hardly wait to welcome you. Do you feel it is good news that God the Father loves you as much as Jesus does? Was the fruit that Adam and Eve ate an apple? Answer: We do not know.

How the Serpent Became Satan

The Bible does not say. Where did the concept originate that portrays the devil as a red, half-man and half-beast with horns and tail? Answer: It comes from pagan mythology, and this misconception pleases the devil. He knows rational people reject monsters as fables and so will be led to deny his existence. Those who do not believe in a devil are more easily captured by his deceptions.

Answer: The literal rendition of the word "die" in Genesis is "dying you will die," which is noted in the margin of most Bibles. It means that Adam and Eve would enter into the process of dying. Before sinning, the couple possessed an undying, sinless nature. This nature was perpetuated by eating of the tree of life. At the moment of sin, their natures changed to dying, sinful natures. This is what God told them would happen.

Because they were barred from the tree of life, decay and deterioration—leading ultimately to death—began immediately. The grave became a certainty for them. The Lord stressed this later when He said to them, "For dust you are, and to dust you shall return" Genesis Answer: Not at all. God created Lucifer a perfect, sinless angel. Lucifer made a devil of himself. God knew Lucifer would sin when He created him.

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If at that point God had refused to create Lucifer, He would have been repudiating one of His own characteristics of love; that is, the freedom to choose. He did the same for Adam and Eve—and for you! God knew before you were born how you would live, but even so, He permits you to live so you can choose Him or the devil. God is willing to be misunderstood and falsely accused while taking time to allow every person to freely choose whom he or she will follow.

It is an honor and a joy to serve such a Creator, Lord, and Friend! Choose to Serve God The sin problem will soon end. People everywhere are choosing to serve God or Satan. Please use your God-given freedom to choose to serve the Lord! Lucifer was a brilliant, highly respected angelic leader. His approach might have been as one greatly concerned for heaven and the angels. Too much unchallenged authority, as the Father has, tends to blind leaders to real life. God knows my suggestions are correct, but He is feeling threatened. We must not permit our leader, who is out of touch, to jeopardize our happiness and place in heaven.

God will listen if we move in unison. We must act. Be careful. If you even question God about His government, He might kill you.