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A Hebrew - English Bible

Therefore Torah from Iran must be different from Torah from Prague but this is not the case. Thus we must to conclude that differences between Jewish and Samaritan Torahs happened when Jews still lived in the Holy Land. The Masoretic text works much better in preserving the status and authority of the Rabbinic class.

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The foundation source document needs mystery so that the wizards are necessary to understanding it. Particularly when the consequence of violation of its rules is 40 lashes or exile or stoning or eternal damnation, the people are desperate to figure out its mysteries, decipher the code.

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The rabbis are thus essential to avoiding those consequences. That the Torah, which has been handed down for hundreds of generations, cannot be easily interpreted by guys on street corners ensures full and perpetual employment for rabbis. Granted that the Torah cannot be easily interpreted by the average Joe and Jane, yet when the foolish Rabbinic rules of departing from the plain meaning are cast aside, interpretation becomes immensely easier than most believe it could be.

You could look at it two ways. One the Masoretic version is the older more pure version because it doesnt seemed to be as edited as the Samaritian version. Like it was mentioned in the article, it makes more sense that the Samaritan version was edited to be clearer. You edit to make it clearer not to be make less clear. Two, the Masoretic version is the younger version or not pure version because through time it has been corrupted.

The Samaritan version isf the older version and has been kept in tact through the ages as the Samaritans have stayed in the middle east all these years. As a practical matter it really doesnt matter.

After the Israel Northern Kingdom was defeated by the Assyrians with the ten tribes sent into exile, the Assyrians imported new people into the area who intermarried with remaining Israelites and became known as the Samaritans. Another is that they borrowed from each other. Oh, and the different political points of view definitely add to the different perspectives.

Religion: The Tanakh [Full Text]

I know we were brought up to believe we were the first and only chosen people, archaeology be damned. Ranting like a libtard is always too easy. We have a book. They have a book. The youngest daughter says, as he was lying in the hospital Daddy told me I was always his favorite. Elu vaelu divrei Elohim Chaim.

But in real life — and our religion is an integral part of them — we need to make choices, and you cannot hold both ends against the middle. Apparently you are some prude who cannot adapt to life in the real world. Well-Good Shabbas and you sold me on obtaining this New English version. I am an American Kohen and unaffiliated for obvious reasons.

I take note that in your ref of this Samaritan Torah-that the years back is It seems to me that we always lesson the years on this stuff.

Thus a aspect of Torah written by the ones we know were their. Referencing only 5 Books of Moses seems a great deal more righteous to me especially if it is in English. All of your comments include ad hominem insults and circular proof. Rather, it is a free wheeling conversation about differing points of view. I know that many of us Jews apparently including you maintain that there is only one authentic way. Many others of us including me, a former long time yeshiva student believe that God has other, humanistic priorities. A skeptic like me asked Shamai to teach him the Torah while he balanced on one foot — Shamai threw him out.

When he asked Hillel, Hillel said, sure, love your neighbor as yourself, the rest is commentary; spend the rest of your life trying to figure it out. Melklein, what I have told you was probably way above your head, so you could not grasp my cautionary comment.

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  • You are too set in your Rabbinic mental habits to be able to appreciate it. Thus it is not astounding that you have changed the subject to something you feel much more easy talking about, or rather talking down to your interlocutor. That was the breaking point for me: comparing and coming to the same conclusion after reading different books from different regions.

    The most important thing to do is follow history of the people and not the country. Third combine Religion and Science in your research you will understand how we go through strife in life. Leave the critics writings alone; then, evaluate to see if there is some truth; reason, critics are out to make money and not concerned about the facts.

    Thanks for this enlightening article. I always wondered what became of Samaritans historically. Of course there is Jesus scandalous encounter with the woman who argues the significance of Mt. Gerizim rather than the temple in Jerusalem.

    Daily Bible Study

    He tells her, the real issue is where is YHWH in your heart and life. BTW, I want to apologize as one who believes in the authority of Jesus. Christianity is not the point of Jesus of Nazereth or any of his true disciples. He asserts that Jesus is a prophet to the corrupt Roman led Jewish government and teachers.

    He predicts the disaster of 70 CE, a singular sign of prophecy at work. Jesus mentions Jonah regarding the future of national Israel as a sign that the temple system is under judgment. He foresaw the dangers awaiting his message death as with other prophets and prays for courage through tears of agony. Despite this he trusts the voice of YHWH as would a beloved son.

    This is symbolic of Abraham and Isaac as Jesus is led to the slaughter for his nations sake. God will save many by the faith of one as he has before. Jesus was not obscure and despite dying his reputation sure has legs to stand on! He was a known prophet, teacher and authority figure. He was considered on par with Elijah in terms of power thus his death could not be ignored and his influence undying. Jesus compares his coming death with the snake held up by Moses.

    Those who acknowledge the cure will receive it! God could have sent a warrior, king and nation builder, but what if that was part of Jesus prophetic message? After Jesus, has anything radically different come from Israel? His message boils down to the Shema, consistent with the Shema Mark His message is repent, obey the Torah with your whole heart and do good even toward enemies.

    But if they are, then even if you do not believe me, at least believe the deeds, that you may know and see clearly that the Father is in me, and that I am in the Father.

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    Paul on the other hand seems appointed to evangelizing Gentiles and gee wiz it worked! You may or may not see him as divine, messiah or anything else but His message is transformative. Many others with and without coercion have declared him to be more than a prophet but the message the Gospel precedes any other discussion.

    Hebrew - English Bible / Mechon-Mamre

    Pointing toward the gospel message is not becoming Christian, its actually affirming the word of YHWH and its power to save lives. I would just like to point out that the translators name is Benyamim Tsedaka. Benyamim is the Samaritan version of the name Binyamin, and that is how it is pronounced in the Samaritan Bible and Samaritan names. Your comment may be no longer than 2, characters, approximately words.

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