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We Will Survive: Find out how plants, animals and people survive the harsh conditions of the barrier islands. Water Wonders: Take a closer look at the water habitats of our barrier island. Sensational Science: Discover the barrier island habitats using the five senses. To register by phone call and ask for the Sound to Sea registrar.

Parents provide bag lunches and transportation to and from Trinity Center. So, if you looking for a little rest and relaxation for your summer vacation, call Trinity Center at between 9 am and 5 pm for further information, to register by phone, or if you are unable to download the Medical Forms from our Downloads and Forms Page. Trinity Center welcomes all people to the spiritual home of Episcopalians of East Carolina, where we share God's gifts of community and hospitality in a natural coastal environment.

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How and When to Register To register by phone call and ask for the Sound to Sea registrar. Registration begins on February 1, About Trinity Center welcomes all people to the spiritual home of Episcopalians of East Carolina, where we share God's gifts of community and hospitality in a natural coastal environment. Contact Trinity Center Address: P.

Just try—go ahead! Wavves frontman Nathan Williams is like a modern incarnation of the fun-loving beach bums that the Beach Boys sang about four decades ago—if those dudes had also had an affinity for Blink records and weed by the sackful. Nowhere is this more clear than on this single, all sunny surf-rock guitars with a gnarly pop-punk twist. What happened?

Many shore communities in the U.S. face inundation in the coming decades.

Odds are this GnR blazer is to blame. The result was this sunny gem featuring Atlanta rapper Young Thug and Jamaican dancehall phenom Popcaan. Fresh, Eve and 50 Cent. For summer '02 pretty much the entire planet was Nellyville, and the St. Louis rapper exhorted people of all genders but mostly women to strip down for their own good. A typical first response would be apprehension—from the man with the Band-aid on his face?

Stolen Child

But logically speaking, his argument follows if heat, then no clothes , and he was smart enough to tap the Neptunes for the song's frisky production. After enough listens, it's impossible not to agree, whether your "herre" is a sweaty club, a hot summer night or, the argument could be made, anywhere on our globally warming earth. Hot, it certainly is. You can't help but jam out to the absurdly cheery, bubblegum-smacking melody and catchy lyrics in this global megahit featuring Snoop Dogg, no less.

Motown soulsters the Commodores scored a crossover hit with this bittersweet soft-rock ode. Clocking in at eleven minutes, a full five and a half minutes pass before Kuti even sings a note. Frontman Samuel T. Teeming with key shifts, complex harmonies and unorthodox instrumentation it features a cello, a jaw harp and an electrotheremin , this Beach Boys classic was a feat of both composition and production. Okay, so technically the lyrics reference rain, not sun, but just listen to that wispy guitar, warm, ambling bass and shimmering keys.

The development was to be carried on concurrently with the research program. The brakes were off and Caesar was on its way. At the end of June three major contracts had been put into effect — one for equipment, one for installation, and a third for the construction or expansion of a cable plant.

Events followed in rapid succession thereafter. Wartime rules for procurement were still in effect, and, action followed in short order. The Simplex Cable Company was expanded to manufacture Caesar cables. The U. Navy Hydrographic Office set up a survey group and assigned three ships to undertake bathymetric surveys.

Can the Chesapeake area residents survive climate change? - NBCNews

The Maritime Administration released the cable ship Bullard to the Navy, who rechristened her the Neptune. New cable drums 15 feet in diameter and bow sheaves 12 feet across were installed, the largest in existence.

The Albert J. Meyer was added to the fleet. Two lofar units were sent to England to analyze submarine signatures obtained by the British. In September of , CNO increased the number of stations from six to nine, and changed the locations of several. Three more stations were added at Barbuda, Barbados, and Newfoundland in January Pacific expansion came in May , when ten more stations were planned, six on the West Coast. Not everything went without a hitch. An array and cable were installed in the summer of off Grand Turk. Because of the low resolving power of fathometers in use at that time, the array was laid in a crack on the surface of a seamount and to be abandoned for later relocation.

When the problem was reported, an officer asked Joe Kelly from CNO if the cable ship had "used a lead line. Much was new and strange in those days, even to Navy personnel. Ramey was the first to come on the air, in November, roughly one month late.

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The time between the Hartwell report and the first operational system was a little under four years. Research and development work continued as other stations came into being. Major changes were made in bringing signals back to shore — first with multi-pair cable, later with coaxial transmission systems.

In reflecting on the early years of SOSUS, what is most striking is how much was accomplished in remarkably short time. Certainly a major factor was serendipitous confluence of events — the discovery that low-frequency sounds could travel great distances in the ocean, the realization that submarines radiate identifiable low-frequency energy, and the pioneering work at Bell Laboratories on visual speech analysis. Ease of contracting was also an important element. The commitment of WECo and Bell Laboratories and their decision to assign some of their best people to the project were of considerable consequence.

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