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One year into his term, President Donald Trump falls to the No. Trump has seen limited success pushing his agenda through a Congress controlled by his own party, is under investigation by multiple law enforcement agencies, and can't shake off scandals arising from his personal and business life — but he's still Commander in Chief of the world's greatest economic and military power.

The fourth most powerful person in the world also happens to be the most powerful woman: Angela Merkel , the chancellor of Germany. She'll have to hold tight to the EU rudder as it faces oncoming storms from Brexit and growing anti-immigrant sentiment in Europe.

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His father remains king, but "MBS" has consolidated power beyond any doubt and taken control of the country. In November , he launched an "anti-corruption campaign" that caused many prominent Saudis to be arrested and forced to turn over their fortunes. The crown prince will be the fulcrum around which the Middle Eastern geopolitics moves for the next generation. Powell 11 , chairman of the U.

The Second Most Powerful Man in the World

Department of Justice. To compile the ranking of The World's Most Powerful People, we considered hundreds of candidates from various walks of life all around the globe, and measured their power along four dimensions. First, we asked whether the candidate has power over lots of people. Pope Francis , ranked 6, is the spiritual leader of more than a billion Catholics.

Forbes announces its World’s Most Powerful People 2018 list… and it’s bad news for Donald Trump

Next we assessed the financial resources controlled by each person. Are they relatively large compared to their peers? When candidates have a high personal net worth, like the world's richest man, Jeff Bezos 5 , we also took that into consideration. In certain instances we considered other valuable resources at the candidate's disposal, like access to oil reserves.

World Most Powerful People Comparison - Top 75

Then we determined if the candidate is powerful in multiple spheres. Our picks project their influence in myriad ways: Elon Musk 25 has power in the auto business through Tesla Motors, in the aerospace industry through SpaceX, because he's a billionaire, and because he's a highly respected tech visionary.

Lastly, we made sure that the candidates actively used their power.

The Life of Admiral William D. Leahy, Roosevelt’s Chief of Staff

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un 36 has near absolute control over the lives of the 25 million people who live in his country, and is known to punish dissent with death. To calculate the final rankings, a panel of Forbes editors ranked all of our candidates in each of these four dimensions of power, and those individual rankings were averaged into a composite score.

Any ranking of the world's most powerful people is going to be subjective, so we don't pretend ours is definitive. Sign in. All Football.

Holly Christodoulou. Xi Jinping - China's president 2. Vladimir Putin - Russia's president 3.

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Donald Trump - US president 4. Angela Merkel - German chancellor 5. Jeff Bezos - Amazon founder 6. Pope Francis - leader of the Catholic church 7.

The Most Powerful Men in American History with their Best Friends

Bill Gates - Microsoft founder 8. Narendra Modi - Indian prime minister Larry Page - Google co-founder.

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