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Hardware Sale. Monkey Puzzle tree - Araucaria. They can reach an elegant 10M in years or so, but can also be trimmed to lower than this. A garden design classic - they make a great gift too. Supplied as a seed-raised tree 3 years old, cm tall in a 9cm pot. Product options: 9cm pot cm. Full Product Details.

The Monkey Puzzle Tree Faces More Threats Than a Barrel of Monkeys

Product Information Monkey Puzzle is one of the most iconic. A garden design classic - try one now, they make a great gift too. What Is Supplied Item supplied as:. Winter Hardy. Top Tips Best grown in full sun in well-drained but moist soil. Fertilise anually with a slow-relese fertiliser and mulch with organic matter in the autumn. The monkey-puzzle tree and related species—e. The edible seeds of the bunya-bunya are highly popular in its native Australia. Species of Araucaria form the dominant vegetation of the coniferous forests of Chile and S Brazil. The related kauri pine Agathis australis of New Zealand is one of the largest commercial trees in the world, sometimes reaching ft 61 m in height.

It yields good timber and the valuable kauri copal often called Kauri gum , which was collected in fossil or semifossil form. Other species of Agathis produce similar copals. The genera Agathis and Araucaria together comprise the araucaria family.

Every tree has a story

Although now restricted to the temperate regions of South America and of Australia and the neighboring Pacific islands, fossils—e. The monkey-puzzle tree is classified in the division Pinophyta , class Pinopsida, order Coniferales, family Araucariaceae.

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