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She expressed that she never intended to become a writer despite her frequent practice, since she viewed acting as a way to become independent. In , she continued to practice a lavish lifestyle and lived with a friend of her mother in Dresden , Germany, while attending cooking school.

Shortly after this in , she published her first novel Mavis of Green Hill , leading to a fruitful career of publishing many novels and a multitude of short stories in various New York newspapers and magazines such as Cosmopolitan , Good Housekeeping , and The Ladies Home Journal.

She began her career writing for "women's magazines" that produced romance novels as six-part serials.

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Many of her books were made into films, [6] and in the early days of television, she hosted a weekly anthology series on Saturday afternoons, titled "Faith Baldwin Romance Theater. It is in man and his struggle. It is in the Golden Rule and in the valor of men, however ignoble their shortcomings.

Faith Baldwin

Along with this novel, many of her works were adapted into film and mostly reflected opposing the idea of a traditional woman and indicated a wealthy lifestyle. A complete list of her works can be found on the Internet Archive here. In the s, Baldwin became familiar as one of the "guiding faculty members" of the Famous Writers School , a correspondence school that drew criticism for allegedly deceptive advertising. Eberhart , John Caples , J.

The Faith Doctor: A Story of New York by Edward Eggleston

An inattentive reader mistakenly could have inferred from the ad copy that these writers personally reviewed and provided critiques of students' work. Baldwin died of a heart attack in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Faith Baldwin. Charles Scribner's Sons, Toggle navigation.

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  4. Annotated by: Willms, Janice. Date of entry: Jul Summary This is the tale of the rise and fall of a gullible young woman who comes under the tutelage of a "quack," a practitioner of faith healing.

    Phillida firmly believes that she has the gift of healing and the reader finds herself wanting to warn her that she is about to unwittingly harm herself and others. The polemic against this form of medical charlatanism is only thinly veiled in the "art" of the romance form in which it is written. The plot itself is much less intriguing than the cast of characters Eggleston creates to expose the methods of late nineteenth century spiritual mesmerism as a means of public exploitation.

    Commentary Although not a particularly well-written nor memorable work, this muck-raking novel contains significant elements for understanding the state of medicine in the s in New York.