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It could be because we grew up with Facebook, and now our parents have taken it over, or it could be because we all are born as wanna-be professional photographers.

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No one knows for sure, but the fact is still the same: college students love Instagram. Depending on your experience with Instagram, this could either be the easiest task ever, or the most daunting task ever. No worries, here three pro tips to help you with the basics of putting together a great Instagram profile for your BASIC group:.

A great way to get around this is by posting a story or two. Another great thing about stories is that you can carefully construct a post on Canva or Photoshop, or you can take a boomerang in the moment, either way your content gets seen.

The key to using stories, is keeping them simple. Users go on Instagram for pictures, and Facebook for text, so try to make sure that the picture is the priority in an Instagram Story. Like I was saying, make sure you use tagging and hashtags in your story posts, but be doubly sure to use them in your posts to your feed. Tagging the location and people in the image is a guaranteed way to engage your users and maybe even get a shoutout or two, which could mean more followers and more exposure in the future.

Simple Youth Ministry

As for hashtags, make sure you use them and use them right. Hashtags are a powerful tool on Instagram, especially because now users can follow hashtags on Instagram. The key to using the right hashtags is doing a little bit of research. Look into different hashtags used by people on campus or by other BASIC groups that can help you connect with a specific group of people.

Simple Student Ministry

Video is king of the Internet. Simple Student Ministry fine tunes the proven methods of 1 best seller Simple Church for the unique field of youth discipleship.

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Coauthor Eric Geiger, who contributed to the latter, takes a step forward here, neatly unpacking the key ideas of Clarity, Movement, Alignment, and Focus that will transform any over-stimulated youth program into a simpler, more results-oriented spiritual development process. Fun is still allowed, by all means, but the ultimate emphasis on maturing faith is simply essential.

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And case study data gleaned from small to mega churches and parachurch ministries will give every youth leader a relatable reference point from which to begin the successful metamorphosis to Simple. Eric received his doctorate in leadership and church ministry from Southern Seminary.