Manual Riot: An Assault on Modern Leadership

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Terms Privacy Policy. This is a blatant lie. The re-creation of the beating is a major scene in the film L. Supreme Court orders the desegregation of American schools in Brown v. Thirty-four die, more than 1, are injured, buildings are destroyed, burned or looted, and 4, are arrested. Critics denounce the commission report as a whitewash of the LAPD. The LAPD responds with an increase in anti-gang units. He finds only kids eating chocolate-swirl ice cream, and one-tenth of 1 gram of cocaine.

No charges are filed. While looking for drugs, they tear toilets from floors, smash walls with sledgehammers, slash furniture and then send it crashing through windows. March 3, — While 21 cops watch, four others beat Rodney King 56 times with their solid aluminum batons. With the beating videotaped by an onlooker, CNN continuously beams it around the world. Afterward, an L. Times poll finds two-thirds of L. It issues a devastating page report indicting the department and its leadership and calls for deep reform.

Chief Gates ignores mounting demands that he resign. November 26, — Change of venue is granted to the four indicted officers; judge moves the trial to the Ventura County suburb of Simi Valley — home to hundreds of LAPD officers. April 29, — The four officers are acquitted of all counts but one, which is dismissed by the judge. Infuriated by the verdict, people take to the streets, and three days of disorder, looting, death and destruction sweep through South-Central, Hollywood, Compton, San Pedro and Long Beach.

Thousands of National Guard troops quell the disturbances.

The L. June — Pro-police reform Charter Amendment F is passed by voters by a margin. That is a rhetorical question. I am sure you have not. His reporting concerns itself primarily with fact; he is not a firebrand. He is a slight, soft-spoken man who finds the behavior of Antifa to be disturbing and accurately describes them in action.

If Mr. Ngo is a fascist, the term holds no meaning. Of course, it is quite easy to spot the fascist. What do you think is a fitting description of a group of masked political zealots who bully, threaten, intimidate and attack people who do not agree with them? Think about it. I also wonder if you watched the video of the gleeful attack on a man who was offering no aggression towards his assailants. Particularly sickening were those cowards who threw insults and projectiles at his back while he was trying to get away. A decent person is revolted by a display of such gratuitous violence. The fact that you are not suggests something is disturbed and broken within you.

Everyone who has any right sided thinking is a fascist to antifa. They can imagine any slight and deem it to be justified with violent response. If that is the new facsist, then antifa has become meagre thought control bullies. Their parents should be slapped!

The Riot Grrrl Movement Still Inspires - The New York Times

Tie back your blue hair, over your rainbow tattoos, but at least identify yourself by name. My wife works in federal law enforcement and love and respect the constitution which allows protest but protects against assaults from anonymous cowards like you Zir! Wintertime: If you are one of these thugs in the video please explain why you are not in jail? If the police did there job then at least 20 Antifa thugs shown should be awaiting trial.

This stuff has serious consequences, any one with the slightest idea of history knows what happens if you let this fascist stuff run loose. If this is how you want to see it, you have lost your humanity. A troubling position for a leftist. There is no justification for an attack on a journalist. Antifa attacked Andy because he highlighted their hypocrisy and showed them for the violent animals that they are. They hate him because he revealed that Antifa themselves are fascists relying on violence and intimidation to silence people they disagree with or even people they assume they disagree with.

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If you think Antifa is in any way or form righteous, take a good, hard look at yourself and see the violent extremist you have become. Remember, Extremists too think they are in the right to justify their violence and killing. Only criminals and cowards disguise themselves in public. If I call you a fascist do I have the right to beat you up?

You should read what Orwell said on the subject. Your reasoning is the typical Marxist propaganda. We demonize and vilify the opposition to justify our abhorrent behavior.

Anyone we label as a fascists is fair game. Words are violence and physical violence is appropriate. You should take a hard look at yourself for condoning violence. Andy Ngo is a small guy who threaten no one. Wheeler is a gutless coward for not stopping the violence and arresting anyone in a mask or carrying weapons. I urge everyone here to find the petition to the Feds to wipe out these anarchies communist terrorist scum including inducting their donors.

Winter Time, I think maybe you need to take a good hard look at yourself and your values, and also know you could easily be next.. Antifa are fascists and only project it on others to deflect responsibility…. Can you please point out why Ngo is a Fascist? Or if I identify myself as Antifa, and attack you Winter Time?

From Wikipedia: Fascism rejects assertions that violence is automatically negative in nature and views political violence, war and imperialism as means that can achieve national rejuvenation. Odd that antifa only attacks fascists in places where they know they will be allowed to get away with it.

I wonder why that is? Antifa are thugs. Thugs by definition are violent and anti-social and so are criminals. Thugs need to be arrested, charged and tried for thuggery. Anything less aids and abets thuggery. Facscism is a political theory that made thuggery a weapon of state. It ultimately fails with disastrous loss of life and property and untold human suffering. Any other meaning is political rhetoric.

Winter time Oh, please. Antifa is nothing more than an excuse for entitled, cowardly thugs to engage in violence under the pretense of being a hero. Their judgement, like that of any mob, is suspect at best. It is ok, there is support for you, you can be helped. Do they possess omniscient power to determine these things? What is it with Jussie Smollett and these tossers?

No real problems in their life so they either make shit up or gang up on a small gay Asian man on Pride weekend in the name of defeating white supremacy and cis-gender patriarchy. Therefore, perpetuating it. Galaxy brain. Ngo and the majority of Quillette writers could be described as being conservative at best or worst depending on your point of view.

Most self-described antifas are anarcho-communists and therefore are against more than just fascism. You can see ancoms discussing what they will do to reactionaries if they win on Reddit, libcom. Take that from someone who had problems with actual fascists. Believe me, I have no warth towards them but at least they are correctly identified as a threat and fought by civil society.

The Bum Blockade, Zoot Suit Riot and Bloody Christmas

Antifa is a fascist group, with an a propaganda wing to misdirect those who believe the double speak. Antifa is communist, Nazi and fascist all totalitarian political ideologies that you obviously love. Antifa — whose name is an abbreviation for anti-fascism — is a fascist group.