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For example, CHDR recently studied a novel, low-affinity dopamine D2 receptor antagonist that was being developed as an antipsychotic drug.

Healthy subjects were given a fixed dose of 11C-labelled raclopride, a synthetic D2 receptor antagonist, followed by various oral doses of the test compound. With respect to new compounds, a wealth of information for use in future studies can be obtained using analytical models to correlate dose, blood concentration, functional effects, and receptor occupancy.

Non-invasive radiotracer imaging as a tool for drug development.

CHDR is contributing to the development of new drugs against neurodegeneration. Browse publications in the CHDR library.

Practical answers to important research questions. Does our test compound pass the blood-brain barrier and bind its target?

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Terry Wilson , Barbara H. Wilson , Todd H.

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Wiedemeier , David L Freedman. Application of radioisotopes to polymer chemistry : investigation of radiolabelled atom transfer polymerization Mark E.

Positron Emission Tomography Imaging: A Quantitative Biomarker in CNS Drug Development

Construction and evaluation of plasma protein multilayers used for local drug delivery Sandberg Olof. A sensitive method for the determination of chlorine in foods using accelerator mass spectrometry.

Biomedical accelerator mass spectrometry: recent applications in metabolism and pharmacokinetics.