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Johnson informed the prison's staff of his sexual orientation during the intake process.

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But after leaving the intake unit he was placed in general population. The result, according to the ACLU complaint, was devastating. As a sexual slave, he was repeatedly penetrated anally and forced to perform oral sex at the command of gang members,"" the complaint said. We are afraid we will never see him alive again. We have faith that God will protect him, but the prison must also be held responsible for ignoring our pleas for help. Today we are praying for Roderick -- and fighting for him. Independent observers, including a federal judge, have said that some prisoners in Texas are vulnerable and need protection -- which they are not getting.

I attempted suicide Nov 17, 2. Why the hell did he committ another crime, if he knew what was going to happen to him in prison? I will only feel sorry for them if they are non-violent criminals. Men are such animals. Nov 17, 3. Why is the race of the intimates apart of this discourse?

It seems heavily apart of the scenarios. I am curious as to why. Nov 17, 4. Well, dayum Nov 17, 5. Nov 17, 6. Yuckie, yuckie, yuckie Nov 17, 7. Nov 17, 8. There have been massive studies on this. I think the ACLU has done several. These stories have probably come from those type of interviews.

Nov 17, 9. If someone sticks their dick in your mouth and you don't want it there, I don't see how in the hell it would still be in there, unless you were missing all of your teeth Nov 17, How are inmates getting in and out of each other's cells at 4 am? Rape, whether it is of a man or a woman is not about sex, it is about control. The lad or lass is harnessed over the shoulders and back with a strong leathern girth, which, behind, is furnished with an iron-hook, which is attached to a chain fastened to the coal-cart or slype.

The dresses of these girls are made of coarse hempen stuff, fitting close to the figures; the coverings to their heads are made of the same material. Little or no flannel is used, and their clothing, being of an absorbent nature, frequently gets completely saturated shortly after descending the pit.

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We quote more of the evidence obtained by the commissioners. It scarcely needs any comment:—. I then hook it on to my chain and drag it through the seam, which is twenty-six to twenty-eight inches high, till I get to the main road—a good distance, probably two hundred to four hundred yards. The pavement I drag over is wet, and I am obliged at all times to crawl on hands and feet with my bagie hung to the chain and ropes. It is sad sweating and sore fatiguing work, and frequently maims the women. I fill five baskets; the weight is more than twenty-two hundred-weight; it takes me twenty journeys.

The work is o'er sair for females.

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Some Rape Stories From Men In Prison

It is no uncommon for women to lose their burden, and drop off the ladder down the dyke below; Margaret McNeil did a few weeks since, and injured both legs. When the tugs which pass over the forehead break, which they frequently do, it is very dangerous to be under with a load. I make thirty rakes a day, with two hundred-weight of coal on my creel. It is a guid distance I journey, and very dangerous on parts of the road.

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  7. The distance fast increases as the coals are cut down. Am frequently worked from four in the morning until six at night. I work night-work week about, alternate weeks. I then go down at two in the day, and come up at four and six in the morning. I can carry near two hundred-weight on my back. I do not like the work. Two years since the pit closed upon thirteen of us, and we were two days without food or light; nearly one day we were up to our chins in water. At last we got to an old shaft, to which we picked our way, and were heard by people watching above. Two months ago, I was filling the tubs at the pit bottom, when the gig clicked too early, and the hook caught me by my pit-clothes—the people did not hear my shrieks—my hand had fast grappled the chain, and the great height of the shaft caused me to lose my courage, and I swooned.

    The banksman could scarcely remove my hand—the deadly grasp saved my life. The lasses will tell you that they all like the work fine, as they think you are going to take them out of the pits. My employment is to draw the carts. I have harness, or draw-ropes on, like the horses, and pull the carts. Large carts hold seven hundred-weight and a half, the smaller five hundred-weight and a half. The roads are wet, and I have to draw the work about one hundred fathoms. The carts I push contain three hundred-weight of coal, being a load and a half; it is very severe work, especially when we have to stay before the tubs, on the braes, to prevent them coming down too fast; they frequently run too quick, and knock us down; when they run over fast, we fly off the roads and let them go, or we should be crushed.

    Texas Officials Complicit in Gang Rape and Sexual Slavery of Gay Black Man, ACLU Charges

    Mary Peacock was severely crushed a fortnight since; is gradually recovering. I have wrought above in harvest time; it is the only other work that ever I tried my hand at, and having harvested for three seasons, am able to say that the hardest daylight work is infinitely superior to the best of coal-work. I have two daughters below, who really hate the employment, and often prayed to leave, but we canna do well without them just now. The severe work causes women much trouble; they frequently have premature births.

    Jenny McDonald, a neighbour, was laid idle six months; and William King's wife lately died from miscarriage, and a vast of women suffer from similar causes.

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    I have a son, daughter, and niece working with me below, and we have sore work to get maintenance. The work is not fit for women, and men could prevent it were they to labour more regular; indeed, men about this place don't wish wives to work in mines, but the masters seem to encourage it—at any rate, the masters never interfere to prevent it. The mine is wet where we work, as the water passes through the roof, and the workings are only thirty to thirty-three inches high. Never leaves till the last dram cart is drawn past by the horse.

    Works from six till four or five at night. Has run home very hungry; runs along the level or hangs on a cart as it passes. Does not like the work in the dark; would not mind the daylight work.

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    Can draw up four hundred loads of one hundred-weight and a half to four hundred-weight each. We wind up eight hundred loads.

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    Men do not like the winding, it is too hard work for them. The commissioners ascertained that when the work-people were in full employment, the regular hours for children and young persons were rarely less than eleven; more often they were twelve; in some districts, [Pg 53] they are thirteen; and, in one district, they are generally fourteen and upward. In Derbyshire, south of Chesterfield, from thirteen to sixteen hours are considered a day's work.