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Bartholomew Roberts. Mary Read.

Picture History of the SS United St (Dover Maritime)

Henry Every. Anne Bonny. Thomas Tew. Victor Slocum. Garfield Slocum. Captain Bloodgood. HMS Thetis. Mr Newkirk. William Kidd. Don Juan Bandini. Dona Angustias. Jack Stewart.

Picture History of the SS United States (Dover Maritime)

Alfred Robinson. George Marsh. Bill Jackson. Ben Stimson. Tom Harris. Harry Bennett. Harry May. Richard Brown. Henry Mellus. Jim Hall. Andrew Amerzene. Richard Henry Dana. Related places Atlantic Ocean. Cabo Frio, Brazil. Abrolhos Archipelago, Brazil.

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Guarakasava, Brazil. Isla de Flores, River Plate, Uruguay. Rosario, Brazil. Ilha Grande, Rio de Janeiro, Argentina. Maldonado, Uruguay. Bahia de Todos os Santos, Brazil. Washington, D. Genoa, Italy. Cay Lobos Lighthouse, Bahamas. Buenos Aires, Brazil. Montevideo, Uruguay. Monterey, California, USA. Massachusetts, USA. California, USA.

Cape Horn, Chile. New England, USA. Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

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Juan Fernandez Island, Chile. Pacific Ocean. Sims requesting his advice in response to a French Government request for the Navy to establish temporary bases at Bordeaux and Brest, France. Grant as senior member of the board, together with Commanders C. McDowell and M. Lease all other fishing vessels suitable for district work. Sterling in command. Sims, 7 May ; cablegram from W. Craft, commanding. Sims requesting that he consult with the Admiralty about establishing a barrier using mines, nets, and patrols across the North Sea, Norway, and Scotland, either directly or via the Shetland Islands, to prevent the egress of submarines.

Quinan to E.

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Statutes at Large 40 , Kittinger in command. Defense, as a subsidiary agency to act in an advisory capacity on questions of aircraft production and procurement; on 1 October, Congress transferred control of the board to the War and Navy Departments.

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The alleged attack is unsuccessful and the destroyers continue to Queenstown, Ireland. Benson and requests the establishment of a liaison service composed of two officers representing the Bureaus of Operations, Ordnance, Steam Engineering, Construction and Repair, Supplies and Accounts, Medicine and Surgery, and Aeronautics.

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These men are to be detailed for placement in the Admiralty, the Grand Fleet, or in shipbuilding plants to study and observe their foreign counterparts. Benson requests the purchase of 50 aircraft machine guns synchronized to fire through propellers and 50 for all-around fire. Benson informs the British Embassy in Washington that the Navy Department is prepared to supply 20 4- or 5-inch guns with rounds per gun to the British government for use aboard merchant vessels during the next two months as need arises.

Paine, The Corsair in the War Zone n.

Sims to William S. The design calls for a red disc within a white star on a blue circular field, and for red, white, and blue vertical bands on the rudder, with the blue forward. He announces that on 21 May the destroyers will head out on war patrols and passes on guidance to the American officers. You must presume from the moment you pass out that you are seen by a submarine and that at no time until you return can you be sure that you are not being watched.

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You may proceed safely, and may grow careless in your watching; but, let me impress upon you the fact that if you do relax for a moment, if you cease to be vigilant, then you will find yourself destroyed, your vessel sunk, your men drowned. Ericsson closes on the submarine and opens fire. It lets loose a torpedo against the aggressor at 7, yards.

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Ericsson searches for the U-boat but can not locate it and then proceeds to pick up the surviving crew of the sunken vessels.