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Warcraft Lore. Battle for Azeroth. Arena World Championship. Mythic Dungeon International.

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Realm Status. Recruit A Friend. Content Update Notes New. Mythic Raid Hall of Fame. Mythic Keystone Dungeon Leaderboards. PvP Leaderboards. Standings and Schedule. Season Archive. Hall of Fame. For this reason having the highest Armour you can is imperative. You will also utilize Ice to prevent melee units from hitting you, giving you some relief. Using a Shield will also give you access to Deflective Barrier , which not only buffs your Physical Armour , but also reflects projectiles back at enemies for 3 turns.

Make sure your Weapon is Strength-based and has a Rune slot that you can use to increase physical damage if you can. My Two-Hander with a bit of Water Damage.

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Also glows blue, which is epic! Frost Paladins will focus on a mix of Warfare and Hydrosophist. I like to prioritize them in a ratio, meaning for every 2 points I put into Warfare I put one into Hydrosophist. This will ensure that you deal relatively good damage, while at the same time improving your heals, buffs and the damage of Ice Breaker when you get it. Opportunist — As with all melee Builds , this one Talent drastically increases your damage output, so take this one first. Take this 2nd or 3rd to increase your AP by 2 per round if you get a kill.

Living Armour — Because this Build focuses very heavily on Armour this Talent is a natural fit, especially because you have access to powerful heals. Hothead — This Talent works well here because you should rarely be below full health, having so much Armour. Take this 3rd or 4th. Elemental Affinity — Worth considering for this Build because you will be standing in water or Ice quite often. This allows them to maintain decent physical damage while being able to buff up, heal and use Ice to control the battlefield.

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Very effective at taking 1 or more opponents out of the fight for a turn, and should only be used when you can do just that. Does tremendous damage and can hit up to 2 targets. A huge benefit of being a Shield user.

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  • Battering Ram — Very good for mobility especially across Ice and comes with a Knockdown to boot. Blitz Attack — Another great gap closer that can be used to maneuver across Ice and other surfaces. Save this for after you have used Global Cooling if possible and try to position yourself to land a Battle Stomp or Whirlwind after. Whirlwind — A tremendous AoE that deals full damage to each target struck. Try to make sure you hit at least 3 targets when using this or save it for a moment when you can. Phoenix Dive — This should be your opener to get to your target. I like to use first thing turn 1. Use this turn one to buff up, and reapply when as soon as it is off cooldown. This will help you prevent melee from getting to you, and often cause a few Knock Downs.

    Restoration — A good early game heal that can remove a couple of Status Effects. Can also be used on Undead to mess them up pretty good deals damage to their Physical Armour. Cleanse Wounds — Another early game heal that can remove a wide variety of Status Effects and damage Undead. Probably not used outside of this Build. Very good for damaging Undead.

    Requires 1 point in Huntsman. For 1 AP you can block whole areas that are wet or use the Ice to gain Armour. Healing Ritual — A great heal that will hit multiple targets. Lack of Status Effect removal hurts it a lot. Again not as useful in Lone Wolf , but great in a party and better when there is another melee character.

    We use it here because for 1 AP it can deal quite a bit of water damage if you need to. Adrenaline — A must have skill for just about any Build.

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    You never know when you might just need one more attack or buff to save you from a really bad situation. Cloak and Dagger — A great mobility skill for 1 AP. Tentacle Lash — Does extremely good damage and sets Atrophy which prevents the target from attacking next turn. Get this one early and use it often. Fairly decent range as well. Bone Cage — A great way to replenish Physical Armour , that only grows in effectiveness the more corpses on the ground.

    Bless — What would a Paladin Build be without this Skill? Not only removes Cursed surfaces, but the bonuses it provides are vastly underrated.