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Highlander, Episode 1: WASTELAND

Janet Chapman is a new favorite author. In a way her humor is similar to Sandra Hill, however there is still a serious tone to the story, and a tender romance in every story that will pull at the readers heart strings…. After seeing Michel in the previous two books, I was excited to read his story.

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From the first book, my heart went out to this characters, and Chapman definitely fulfilled every wish for him…. Wedding The Highlander was definitely a sparkling gem…I felt enchanted by the romance that builds between Libby and Michael, and his son Robbie will just make you smile, I think I just loved everything about this book, and there was still a good plot that will keep you flipping those pages as fast as you can read them…. Definitely A 5 for me!!!! Morgan when finding that Sadie is the one that will be wanting to put this beautiful forest and all its secret as part of a park, he wants to scare her off the land so she will never return but he never planned on her stubborness, or the intense desire he feels for her when he touches her, and wants to claim her as his own.

The Hero Morgan MacKeage Morgan, with other members of his clan, was thrown from hundreds of years ago to the present, modern day. Morgan, will do everything he can to protect his land, even from gorgeous women who only get into trouble, no matter their good intentions. But Sadie matches a wild passion that he finds in himself and knows that she is the woman for him and will do all he can to keep her at his side and show her that his love is unconditional…. The Heroine Sadie Quill Sadie, has always felt guilt since the fire eight years previous, where her sister dies, and later from the effects of the fire her father.

Sadie herself suffered burns on parts of her body, and feels like no man could consider her beautiful or sexy until she meets Morgan, who treats her scars as a part of her.

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Sadie feels overwhelmed by the feelings Morgan brings out in her, even knowing that building this park is what her father would have wanted, she knows that Morgan could be the key to truly accepting herself and being able to fully love someone with her full heart. I really Enjoyed this one as well, I think I enjoyed the first one a bit more, but this one was just as exciting and fun and full of witty repatore that could make you laugh over and over.

I also loved the idea of the heroine, being not with perfect skin or a perfect body, that there were still some conflict between Sadie and Morgan, but it showed that love can truly overcome anything, and we see the hurdles they past together, and it was a truly magical read.

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I loved seeing the adventure, passion, fast paced action and the fun romance in Loving The Highlander! A Entertaining read! Menu Skip to content. On her first day she meets Ian, who reminds her of a conan the scottish highlander only way more sexy, and ever though her body is scarred and feels like less of a woman, he makes her feel more feminine and sensual than she has ever felt in her life and even though she has only known him for a small amount of time she feels herself falling into whirlwind of love, danger and excitement she has never known….

Janet Chapman has to be one of my favorite authors now especially since I think I have read all of her books now…I think…. One of the things I truly loved about this book was how Jessie is amazing in the inside and even though she is scarred on the outside Ian still thinks she is sexy and beautiful and I just love that. And any of you that have read this book know exactly what I mean. A Winner!! But Sadie matches a wild passion that he finds in himself and knows that she is the woman for him and will do all he can to keep her at his side and show her that his love is unconditional… The Heroine Sadie Quill Sadie, has always felt guilt since the fire eight years previous, where her sister dies, and later from the effects of the fire her father.

Forced together to survive the harsh, wintry landscape, neither expects the fierce passion that flares between them. MY REVIEW Summary: Grace Stutter, having the responsibility of delivering her sisters baby to the father, since her sister died, waits six weeks before heading to Maine, having a feeling that she would be making a new start…. Now they are pushed together out of survival, but a deep passion is awakened between them…a passion that burns slowly to a deep love that will change their lives forever…..

The Hero Greylen MeacKeage Grey, the leader of his clan, once lived eight hundred years ago, until in the midst of a battle, he and his men are taken to the future by a wizard, so that he can find his true love, since he would never be able to find her in his own time.

Highlander for the Holidays

Grey, has been in the modern century for four years, and has been adjusting pretty well as far as he is concerned. From the first moment he sees Grace, he finds her breathtakingly beautiful and will do everything he can to bind her to him so he can have her forever. When her sister comes to her with a death bed wish, she knows she can do nothing but honor it. On her way in doing so, she meets with Grey, who is unlike any man she has ever met, his kisses as sweet as honey, yet as powerful as thunder, and he starts to slowly take over her senses.. I just got this book a few hours ago, and just finished, I was that drawn into Charming The Highlander.

Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Oct 25, Dianne rated it it was amazing Shelves: read , She was surrounded by her loved ones. Janet was a truly marvelous woman, I will greatly miss her. Please pray for her husband and family. I had a suspicion that som "It is with my deepest sorrow that I am to inform you of the death of our beloved: Janet Chapman passed away on Saturday, October 28, with a long battle of cancer.

I had a suspicion that something like this was going to happen when her next books publication date kept changing and Amazon made it "not available" instead of pre-order. I will miss this author's wonderful way with words, magic, and love -nobody can ever take her place.

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This loss brings that fact home to me Review: Janet Chapman does it again. This is the one author of a very few, that I know will never ever disappoint me. Chapman can take an unlikely pairing of people and twine their stories and lives into something delicious and sexy to read. A lovely, sweet, and somewhat surprising love story mixed with a very non-taxing rather easy to solve the mystery.

This was just what I need during the holidays. Jessie has lived through a brutal attack that left her husband and unborn child dead. She suffers from memory loss as well as horrible flashbacks. Ian is suffering from the knowledge that he is filled with the magic that will keep him tied to TarStone Mountain. This is one author that I can highly recommend for all kinds of Romance readers. There are impossibly wounded characters that generally have some sort of chip on their shoulders.

Strong women characters, very sexy headstrong and opinionated men, time travel, magic and But not vulgar sex, just truly romantic and soul healing loving. Even though this book is part of a long-running series, there will be no problem reading this as a standalone. Please take my word for it…if you like this book, please try the earlier books.

She experienced a terrifying brutal attack four years ago that left her both physically and mentally scarred. She is ready to put the past behind her. So moving away from the city and living life in the wilds of Maine is just what she thinks she "Healing one's self is nearly impossible-and far less rewarding-compared to the magic that's created when two sols combine their strengths and heal together.

So moving away from the city and living life in the wilds of Maine is just what she thinks she needs to start over.

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But she wasn't expected the warm-hearted and hot-blooded Ian MacKeage to burst into her life and force her to face past horrors so she can finally heal. This is not only one of the best Christmas stories I have ever read but it may be one of the best romances I have ever read and I was certainly not expecting that when I picked it up! There was of course the beautiful and rich setting which took place at Christmas time and I loved that, but I was actually really more impressed with the two main characters, Jessie in particular.

Jessie has a lot of physical ailments that resulted in what happened to her before moving to Pine Creek and I honestly can't remember reading a romance where the main female character was scarred or disabled. The male characters, yes. But the female characters? It was refreshing to read about and grow to know a woman who wasn't physically perfect and watched her grow and deepen as a character as she grew so much stronger in mind, body, and soul.

And the romance between the two of them was so vivid and painstakingly gorgeous that I kept thinking I was reading something written by Nora Roberts! Which, as she is my favorite romance author, is a high compliment indeed! This was a wonderful Christmas romance that delved deep into the spirit of the Holidays and also demonstrated strong characters and a great story.

I loved it! View 2 comments. Oct 04, Katie babs rated it it was ok.

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This started out as a cute holiday contemporary then ventured off in the the Twilight Zone. First off the hero is Scottish, I totally get that but he's been born and raised in Maine in some small, backwater town and but still has a Scottish accent ala Jamie from Outlander with all the "ye's" and "ochs". All his male counterparts talk the same. Is it because they have a clan in this town? If so, wouldn't they have some sort of Maine accent, not a Scottish one?

Hero's Scottish ancestor from some p This started out as a cute holiday contemporary then ventured off in the the Twilight Zone. Hero's Scottish ancestor from some past century pops up and knows the future and all about the heroine. Also has a fetish for her cell phone. There's a mish mash of so many genres that don't work. Contemporary, historical romance, time travel, thriller, suspense, you name it.

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