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Great and interesting course for the theologian, philosopher,.

This is a course on the relationship between Science and Religion, and in order to develop a relationship between them we first need to define them. Five different definitions of religion from various academic schools are presented, including those from religious studies, psychology, and philosophy. Notably, the academic definition of religion is wide and quite inclusive.

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In light of this information, we then outline the academic understanding of the Doctrine of Creation. During this week, we begin to examine specific Hermeneutical Principles. The Principle of Accommodation is the most important interpretive principle in Science and Religion allowing individuals to move away from scientific concordism and the notion that religious texts like the Bible offer scientific facts. Thumbs Up.

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Enroll for Free. From the lesson. Episode Statistics on Religious Belief Continued Episode Religious Studies Definition of Religion Episode Psychological Definition of Religion I Episode Philosophical Definition of Religion I Episode Types of Religions Episode Excursus: Doctrine of Creation Episode Conclusion: What is Religion? Continued It is rich in relevant questions, striking paradoxes, careful distinctions, and useful clarifications. Skip to main content.

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Description Reviews. In the years shortly before and after the publication of his classic Truth and Method , the eminent German philosopher Hans-Georg Gadamer returned often to questions surrounding religion and ethics. In this selection of writings from Gesammelte Werke that are here translated into English for the first time, Gadamer probes deeply into the hermeneutic significance of these subjects. Gadamer raises issues of importance to ethicists and theologians as well as students of language and literature.

In such outstanding essays as "Kant and the Question of God," "Thinking as Redemption: Plotinus between Plato and Augustine," and "Friendship and Self-Knowledge: Reflections on the Role of Friendship in Greek Ethics," Gadamer discusses the nature of moral behavior, ethics as a form of knowing, and the hermeneutic task of mediating ethos and philosophical ethics with one another.

The God Who May Be: A Hermeneutics of Religion

Hans-Georg Gadamer is professor of philosophy emeritus at the University of Heidelberg. Joel Weinsheimer is professor of English at the University of Minnesota. An Historical Approach.

James Bryant Conant. Richard Robb.

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