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Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. Quora User , Currently learning French via Duolingo. Answered Aug 24, All the best. What is the best way to learn French vocabulary to the maximum? What is the best way to learn French vocabulary? What's the best way to learn French vocabulary and idioms?

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What is the better way to study a lot of vocabulary? What are the biggest tracker networks and what can I do about them? Updated Jun 11, Most people go about learning vocabulary through long lists of one or two words translations that they associate with each word. They sometimes write their translations on flash cards and study them that way.

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There is typically nothing wrong with this IF your goal is to simply memorize something and not truly learn it. If you are learning concepts that just need to be memorized such as the periodic table of elements or perhaps important dates of events then this is a perfectly fine approach to take. Sure, there are definitely exceptions to this such as days of the week, numbers, and even names so you can probably get away with simply memorizing these types of words especially in a language like French.

This is why vocabulary needs to be learned in context when it means something to the surrounding words in the sentence.

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Both Assimil and Lingq rely heavily on learning vocabulary in context I highly recommend either of these if you are interested in this approach. This may seem obvious, but then again if it were then everyone would do it when they tried to memorize things. Studying before bed is easily one of the best and most effective ways to memorize anything out there, not just French vocabulary. At night when you sleep your brain has to decide what information it took in during the day is worth keeping and what information it should disregard.

School Words in French Part 1 (basic French vocabulary from Learn French With Alexa)

Because of this why not give your brain the best possible chance to remember something by having it be the last thing it takes in before you fall asleep? Tie this in with the previous one because they go hand-in-hand. Just like we said previously, in order for your brain to really memorize something and move it into your long-term memory you need to encounter it several times people will debate on what the magic number of times is, but all you really need to know is the more times the better.

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To be perfectly honest doing this alone will yield better results for your vocabulary than most if not all other memorization hacks. When you say it out loud you are making an additional connection with the word. So why not create an additional connection where possible? Similar to the previous point writing things out creates an additional connection to your vocabulary. When this applies just write your vocabulary as it still creates that extra connection.

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Because there are so many words out there to learn it can certainly be tempting to try to learn as many as possible as quickly as possible.