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This will usually be stated in the description This enables your device to house a larger battery and thus have a much greater capacity. Be aware that this may affect fitment into any cases or holders that you may have. Our brand new battery is an equivalent battery to the manufacturers as stated below. It is made with premium Lithium-Ion cells and is rated as shown in the specifications. There can be occasions when the battery model number or the model of your device is not listed in the information below.

Don't despair contact us via live chat or email and we can confirm fitment for you. If we tell you that a battery will fit and it does not we will cover all expenses to get the battery returned to us for an exchange or a full refund. Check out the details below and make sure that your model and battery number are shown in the tables below. The warranty we offer is for 12 months, this covers your product against manufacturing defects.

If for any reason the product fails within this period we will replace it free of chargeonce we receive the product back for testing. Different chemistries of batteries have different cycle lives, Li-Ion usually lasts for around to cycles, Lithium Polymer is the same. Nimh batteries will usually last for around cycles. A cycle is a full discharge and recharge of the battery.

All the batteries that we supply by Cameron Sino are designed to be as long lasting as the original OEM battery. Our ISO certified battery uses high quality components and each cells rating can be seen in the table above. Actual capacity and voltage may vary slightly from the original due to cell availability. Take a look in the products table below and find the models that this battery will replace.

Batteries shown with an extended back cover in the image above will need to use this cover. The battery is larger and the cover is required to be able to fit the device properly. This may affect fitment into any cases or holders you may have. Extended capacity batteries for laptops may be larger and protrude from the rear of your laptop or may raise the laptop up at the bottom …. For nearly 10 Years we have supplied our current range of batteries, We have found our current suppliers to be of the highest quality and have thousands of happy customers using our products in Canada.

If both your model number and battery number are listed in the product description you can be almost certain that you are ordering the correct battery. If we say it will fit and both these details match your product and it still does not fit we will exchange or refund the battery at our expense. All the models that this battery will fit are shown in the tables below. Check that both the model of your device and battery number match your original battery.

If for any reason the product develops a manufacturing defect during the 12 month warranty period we will replace the defective item free of charge. As a rough guide lithium Ion batteries can be charged around times, Nimh usually around times and Lithium polymer around times.

Heres a list of all our products

How can I be sure that this battery is safe? ISO certification means that our factories never take shortcuts with the manufacture of our batteries. All safety components are iuncluded.

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This ensures safe trouble free operation of this replacemnent battery. The specifications should be the same as or better than the original. Fitments that we know that this battery are shown below. Contact us if there is any doubt as to the fitment of the battery for your device we can select the correct battery for you. If we make the selection you can be assured that if there are any fitment the exchange or return falls to us and we will cover any costs involved.

Its important to confirm the information from your device before ordering, contact us before ordering if you are not sure. Our warranty is valid for a period of one year, unless otherwise stated. The warranty covers the product against any manufacturing defect. ISO certification ensures that strict manufacfuring standards are adhered to.

DeWalt Ni-Cd rechargeable battery pack rebuild with new cells....

Safety is primary concern and we use only high quality components to ensure that strict standards are met. The batteries we supply should perform as well as your original.

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Check that your product is shown below in the products table. Some models have more than one battery type available and the only way you can confirm the correct battery is to remove the original. Usually if the capacity of the battery that you are viewing here is much greater than your original this may mean that the battery is larger and will either require the cover provided to be used or may protrude from your device.

The battery will still fit and function but this may affect fitment into any cases or holders that you may have. Canadian Batteries have supplied the replacement batteries from Cameron Sino for nearly a decade. In that time we have had zero instances of a product being damaged while using one of our batteries. Finding the right battery for your product can be difficult.

There are so many models and part numbers it can be really confusing. Its easier to reach out to us first than it is to return the product later. Please contact us if you are really not sure which battery you need. Our warranty period is usually stated here on the product page, Most products come with a 1 year warranty, Some products do have 6 months.

Details of what is included as part of our warranty can be seen in our information pages. The batteries we supply are manufactured to a very high standard. To keep our ISO certification strict protocols need to be followed. This ensures that the replacement batteries are safe to use in the device they were designed for. This battery should meet or exceed the specifications of the original OEM battery. All of the known fitments for this product can be seen in the table below.

Canadian Batteries supplies the highest quality generic batteries available in the marketplace today. Usually we can confirm fitment for you, if you are not sure how to locate the correct information on your device please contact us and we will identify the correct battery for you. We offer a one year warranty to gaurantee against manufacturing defects unless otherwise stated, The warranty covers against defects from manufacture but not if the battery has been missused or modified. Lithium Ion and Lithium polymer cells usually last for between and cycles, Nimh cells have the ability to be charged for around cycles, cycle life will vary according to a number of different factors.

There is no set life cycle of any of these cells. Factors that influence their life include temperature, humidity and amount of charges. Being an ISO certified factory means that the Cameron Sino range of batteries have to be manufactured with only the highest quality components. You can rest assured that the batteries we supply are fully tested in the devices they are designed for and are built with all the same safety protocols as the original OEM battery.

Batteries come in all shapes and sizes, quite often a single model of battery will actually replace hundreds of other models. The manufacturers in their wisdom have assigned different part numbers to like batteries. We can usually cross reference this type of product to the correct replacement for you.

If you are unable to confirm the battery number before ordering you may be best to contact us before placing your order. If there is any difference in this policy it will be stated on this page. Any misuse of the battery or modifications will invalidate the warranty. We use top quality cells in all of our products but all cells have a cycle life.

You can expect that a Lithium Ion or a lithium Polymer cell will last for around four hundred cycles, Nimh can be cycled for a around cycles.

Its always best to charge your battery only when it gets low. Continual charging will reduce the overall life expectancy of your battery. This product is designed to replace batteries as shown in the specifications table below.

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We do offer higher capacity batteries than your original. Certain extended capacity batteries may be larger and therefore may require that the device will accommodate the extra capacity battery. If your battery is externally mounted on your device this is usually not a problem. Other devices may require an extended cover be used with it. Our batteries will work for the device that it is supplied for and is built to last as long as the original OEM battery.

If in doubt - check us out! We will select the appropriate battery for you and guarantee that fitment. A simple phone call or email or live chat and you can save yourself time and money on your selection. Tags Doctor patient relations Casualty Discrimination Mothers children Civil service Biomedical engineering British columbia Security Engineering transportation Land use Journalism nonfiction Hispanic american studies Curricula Microsoft excel Human resources personnel management Love loss Individual directors Afghan war Midwifery Mental spiritual healing Se alla etiketter.

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