Manual Challenging Your Disappointments: As Appointments With Destiny

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A bow collection is also much more affordable for string players than an instrument collection. I find it interesting to try bows of various origins, weights, and styles, regardless of my intent to buy.

This brings me to my story—one that starts with neither an intention to try, nor to buy, a bow. One day I found myself at the Tarisio auction house in New York City a premier auction house for stringed instruments and bows based in NYC and London to return an instrument I had been trying that week. There was an auction only a few days away and the office was bustling with eager buyers.

One such buyer was a Russian man who noticed me carrying a cello case. That afternoon I had neither appointments nor engagements, and I thought this exercise could be fun, not to mention a good deed! So we went to a room and he brought me the first of many cellos to try.

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I sat down and realized an obvious obstacle—I had no bow! As the auction had many cello bows as well as cellos, the gentleman agreed to fetch me a bow from the auction. He did so in haste—he was very considerate and appreciative of my aid and time. So I began. As this was for his benefit, I played the same few excerpts on each cello, not aiming to draw conclusions myself. Turns out he was sent by another Russian man to examine the offerings of the auction.

This other man was a collector, and relied heavily on the advice of my new friend. As I played, I began noticing one common characteristic: the bow was a superb implement. I took a look at it. The tip looked like a Dodd a very well-known English bow maker with a distinct style.

I was fascinated by the bow as I stared it up and down. It was beautiful. While trying more instruments, I started to simultaneously try the bow with more intent. I chose excerpts based on challenging bow techniques to see how well it responded. After a few more cellos, my curiosity got the better of me and I just had to know what kind of bow it was. I assumed it was something very expensive—a Dodd of the highest order.

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I asked my friend to look up the lot number in the catalog. He showed me the entry. My jaw dropped. It was not by a famous maker, did not cost an arm and a leg, and was a composite meaning that circumstances required part of the bow be remade by another maker at a later date.

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This was not a bow for a collector. This was a bow for a player, and I loved it. Elated, I sincerely asked the gentleman to refrain from bidding on the bow when the auction itself opened. He was glad to oblige. The day of the auction arrived and I was ready. I had never bid on a bow or instrument before. Auctions had always fascinated me, as I was dragged to many as a child—all to furnish my childhood home with antiques—but I had never participated myself.

I was 5 hours late. There it was, my opportunity to get a great bow—a great steal—gone. I was disappointed, to say the least. Out of sheer curiosity I examined the lots to see at what price points various items closed. Out of over lots, sold. That left me a shred of hope. I went through hundreds of lots before landing on cello bows. My dream bow had not sold.

I got on the phone right away, spoke to the auction house, and the bow was mine.

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Laid in a simple casket of walnut and placed in the hall of the Pilgrim House, the friends gathered together and said their funeral prayer over him. The casket was carried for a short distance by Shoghi Effendi and then placed in the Master's carriage and accompanied by the sons-in-law of the Master it slowly wound its way, followed by eleven other cabs carrying the friends, to the foot of Mt.

There it was laid to rest in that beautifully-situated cemetery, and flowers from the garden of the Master's home were scattered over his grave. Simple as he was in his life and character, equally simple was his funeral service. And yet just as in the simplicity of his character lay his many virtues, in like manner did the simplicity of that service sink into every heart and fill every eye with tears. In case you think it would please them you are perfectly welcome to communicate to the family of Dr.

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Esslemont the particulars of his death and burial. Enclosed you will please find a letter from Shoghi Effendi addressed to the family and relations of the deceased.

You will please have it read by his wife, who I Page 42 believe is in London, and then sent over to his father and sister who are in Aberdeen. Due to the reason that Shoghi Effendi hopes to build in the near future the grave of Dr. Esslemont on his behalf and on behalf of all the friends, our Guardian would like very much to have the design chosen by the family of the deceased.

Of course you would let them know that through certain considerations it would be best to have the design devoid of any cross as that in this country would particularise it to the Christian faith. You would let the family know that the expense would be defrayed by the friends all over the world and by Shoghi Effendi himself. Shoghi Effendi would also like you to send the picture of Dr. Esslemont to the countries where the friends have published magazines with a request to have it published.

They are America, India, Germany and Australia. He wants you also to write a comprehensive biographical sketch of the life of Dr. This of course does not necessarily mean that you should write it yourself but anyone in London. You should also make mention of him in your circular letter in detail Dear fellow-workers, It is with feelings of overwhelming sorrow that I communicate to you the news of yet another loss which the Almighty, in His inscrutable wisdom, has chosen to inflict upon our beloved Cause.

John E. His end was as swift as it was unexpected.

Manual Challenging Your Disappointments: As Appointments With Destiny

Page 43 physicians nor the devoted care of his many friends could possibly deflect. He bore his sufferings with admirable fortitude, with calm resignation and courage. To this noble request all hearts warmly responded. But this was not to be. His close association with my work in Haifa, in which I had placed fondest hopes, was suddenly cut short. His book, however, an abiding monument to his pure intention, will, alone, inspire generations yet unborn to tread the path of truth and service as steadfastly and as unostentatiously as was trodden by its beloved author.