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These conversion stories were inspiring and I feel so uplifted. May the good Lord bless all of you. From Baptist to Catholic. I could relate with everything he said. From all the books he read and the experiences he has had. I am a graduate from Bob Jones University and grew up in a Fundamental Baptist Church and even ministered as well in them.

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I was a involved in a Pastoral Internship in on Fundamental separatist Baptist church. My own daughter told me that Catholics are not Christian. I argued that fact with her that they are and I was not even Catholic at the time. God bless you Isaac, and Stephen Ray. Telling our kids about porn. What are we doing to protect our kids? Your detailed and very emotional account was wonderful, but very, very hard to hear.

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  • He went through so very much for us. In the last 10 years, Catholicism has slowly been calling me. I was in RCIA class in To add to my intense and non-stop grief and pain, the leaders and fellow RCIA students completely dropped ignored me during the worst time of my life. Not one visit. Not one phone call.

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    Not one E-mail or condolence card. Not even a call from the parish priest. I was very close to confirmation, too. I went through his death largely alone. He was 59 and I was 47 at the time and planning to be married that spring of In any event, this completely soured me on pursuing my conversion.

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    I just took that to mean that maybe Jesus wants me to stay true to my roots of Protestantism. After all, I did not want to be a part of a church that was cold and clinical. They treated her the same way — did not reach out to her at all. Anyway, I am not E-mailing you to complain to you.

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    • It will be 3 years this June 18th. I can scarcely believe that. The pain is still so deep and unrelenting. I hear so many nice people that seem so genuine in their Catholic faith. It may surprise some to know that Chesterton was raised as a Unitarian. Before becoming Catholic, Chesterton acknowledged the fact that he was ushering many others into the Church without having entered it himself.

      I Hate Converts (and I Am One)

      He is still ushering them in. It was not until , at the age of 48, when Chesterton was received into the Roman Catholic Church. This came as a shock to many.

      But many who knew him better, among both his allies and his opponents, thought it would simply never happen. He says that although all roads lead to Rome, each pilgrim is tempted to talk as if all roads had been like his own road. Almost every convert will recognize the three stages of conversion that Chesterton describes: The first stage is, Patronizing the Church. The second, Discovering the Church. And the third is… running away from the Church.

      This important first step leads to a long and enjoyable second step, which is the utter fascination of learning what the Catholic Church really does teach. It is like discovering a new continent full of strange flowers and fantastic animals, which is at once wild and hospitable. It is impossible to be just to the Catholic Church. The moment a man ceases to pull against it he feels a tug towards it. The moment he ceases to shout it down he begins to listen to it with pleasure.

      The moment he tries to be fair to it he begins to be fond of it. But then comes the final stage: fear. It is one thing to conclude that is right and another to conclude that it is always right.

      A Convert’s Guide to Not Becoming Catholic

      One foolish word from inside does more harm than a hundred thousand foolish words from outside. Every Catholic would do well to read this book. Besides being better equipped to deal with converts, they would have a deeper appreciation of the faith in which they were formed. Every era tries to create a new religion, something more befitting the age, but new religions are only suited to what is new.

      Lecture The Catholic Church and Conversion – Society of Gilbert Keith Chesterton

      And what is new is soon old. Chesterton argues that the Catholic Church has all the freshness of a new religion, but it also has the richness of an old religion. It is a religion that binds men to their morality even when they are not in the mood to be moral. The Church often has to go against the grain of the world.