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Uteruses before duderuses. Ann : Got it. Ovaries before brovaries.

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Sheldon: Howard has informed me that my allegiance be to male comrades before women who sell their bodies for money. Leonard: Are you sure he didn't say 'bros before hos'? Sheldon: Well, I changed the phrasing so as not to offend the hos. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. I cannot stress this enough. Always remember, girlfriends come and go, but your boys are always there.

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Breaking this rule is to commit the cardinal sin against Team Testosterone. You're Cancelled BRO!! Hello bros and hoes Follow us on everything! What's Your Astrology Sign, Bro? Are we meant to be friends? Is life even real? What is what? Why this and why that? TODAY… those questions will all be answered because astrology exists!! Anyways, what is your sign bro?? Taylor Swift Gave Me Purpose. Thanks Tay Tay hehe Follow us on everything!

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Unpopular Opinions. Us bros and hoes discuss unpopular opinions found on reddit. We give our thoughts and hopefully unlock the secret chamber where all the unpopular opinions rest at nighty timey! Coachella has been been all the rage recently, so we have made the decision to ramble about it. Once Upon A Dream Lucas and Jacob discuss the magic of dreams and the secret meaning behind them.

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It gets deep, so keep a tissue near you at all times while listening ; Follow us on everything! Lindsay Lohan is a Clone with shocking evidence. Finally Opening Up About Everything…. Yessir, we finally dig up everything and spill it to you guys. Spring Breakers. Welcome to HelLA.

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Our team at bros before hoes whipped up a few popular news stories from the past week or so and we give our valuable thoughts and concerns on them. We also browse the world of psychics, mediums and all that spiritual shit! This episode is going to piss you right off. Enjoy bros and hoes and everyone in between we accept everyone here… even people with little big toes!

Yep, there is a grandpa out there that has a sugar baby that vapes. We discuss that whole situation and more while listening to the voicemails that you left us! Fyre festival this year is going to be a complete blast so come along with us as we plan our exciting trip!

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Come along with us and grab some easy mac for the listen. Have you EVER wondered who the first porn star in history is??!?!!?!? You might say NO but who gives a rats ass because today we are going to dive really deep into the life of the world's first adult film star.

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Also, spread this info so everyone can have the luxury of knowing who the first ever porn star was. Lindsay Lohan's Beach Cult. Lindsay Lohan has her own brand new reality tv show so we had to do a recap of the first few episodes. We have a bunch of questions, but also a few juicy pounds of gossip to chat about. Word Roots. Hover on a tile to learn new words with the same root.

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