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From Cambridge English Corpus. The perivitelline space is under formation asterisks but the oolemma and granulosa cell membrane are held together by membrane junctions arrowheads. These examples are from the Cambridge English Corpus and from sources on the web. Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors.

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The presumed beginning and end of the actual spacer region are marked by asterisks. Comparisons meeting this more conservative criterion are indicated by two asterisks.

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Note that in this appendix the asterisks denoting equilibrium values have been suppressed. In the above equations, symbols with and without asterisks denote dimensional and dimensionless quantities respectively. Higher values indicate greater differentiation, with significance indicated by asterisks. In 24 major stresses are marked by asterisks above the words. Again, we report the official titles and asterisks identify patents that include the name of a female inventor. In b asterisks show where successive moisture contents are significantly different - treatment means analysed using t-tests.

Symbols with asterisks indicate that corresponding raw data are found in the earlier part of this illustration in a-d!. The microtubule organizing centres white asterisks at the spindle poles are also shown.

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The group of patients diamonds is distinct from the group of healthy controls asterisks. See all examples of asterisk. Translations of asterisk in Chinese Traditional. Need a translator?

Translator tool. What is the pronunciation of asterisk? Browse assurer.

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New Words flight shaming. October 07, To top. English American Examples Translations. We now have an enterprise-standards solution at a fraction of the equivalent proprietary cost that can be managed directly by Carlow County Council staff. As Asterisk can be used as a telephony platform to rollout full Unified Communication, phase two will include the integration of all our mobile devices as extensions on the system and full IM functionality with presence, across the organization.

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We have always found their customer support engineers to be timely, effective and efficient. Email: info asteriskconsulting. Unified Communications Asterisk Consultants understand that while the flexibility and features of Unified Communication Solutions have triggered substantial and ever-increasing worldwide acceptance, Asterisk PBX reliability cannot be compromised. Call Recording The Asterisk Consulting VoIP Call Recording System is the most affordable and easy to use call recording software in the world and is currently deployed in over call centres.

The contact centre solution was developed based on 4 key pillars: Functionality Reliability Flexibility Affordability Read more Read more