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One cannot write a book that focuses on loss and grief without being reminded of what we have loved and appreciated the most in our lives. What has meant the most, upon reflection, has often been taken for granted.

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Writing this second edition has once again given me the opportunity to remember and appreciate my gifts of life. These gifts include my husband, children, and grandchildren.

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John, my husband of 40 years, has enriched my life in ways that would not have been possible without his encouragement and support. My children, whose adult friendships I now cherish, have validated my belief that life presents difficult challenges that can become opportunities of growth. And now my young grandchildren, symbols of new life and fresh energy, are reminders that despite the losses of those we love, we can and will love and live fully again. I would like to acknowledge the North Canton Medical Foundation and staff for the support they have provided for this second edition.

Finally, I want to thank the clients that I have counselled for the last 20 years. Their willingness to share their lives with me has provided necessary direction as we, together, have explored their unique journeys through grief. My wife and I have lost two children to untimely and tragic deaths, one very young and the other in the prime of young manhood. Our own sense of loss and the accompanying grieving have been powerful personal experiences of what bereavement feels like, what it does to one's sense of being, and how it shakes one's values and challenges meaning in one's life.

Though the learning these children have offered me is quite unwelcome, I must thank them. In addition, in my work as a counsellor with persons who have life-threatening illnesses, I have dealt with loss and grief on a daily basis.

Death, Grief & Bereavement: Books

My clients have been special in how they guide me on the path of helping them. Finally, I am indebted to my dear spouse, Lou, for her constant support and unfailing belief in me. Without her nothing I do would be easy; in fact, perhaps impossible. For 50 years she has been my rock. Cook, A. Helping the Bereaved: Therapeutic interventions for children, adolescents, and adults. New York: Basic Books. The authors present examples of working with the bereaved.

They stress the need for clinicians to individualize intervention, especially for non-whites, who may have differing values about death. They also expect self-awareness on the part of the therapist. Assessment methods, the process of intervention, and recommendations for considering group or individual therapy are provided. Cox, G. Amityville, NY: Baywood. This volume assists caregivers in arriving at acceptable ethical positions in their pastoral, counselling, medical, and mortician roles.

Spiritual and ethical aspects are considered. Attention is given to ministry for people with AIDS, to children's experience with death, and to spiritual care in hospices. Discussion includes euthanasia, organ transplants, neonatal death, and other issues. Dunne, E. Suicide and its Aftermath: Understanding and counseling the survivors.

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Dunmore, PA: Norton. Hope and compassion for suicide survivors are offered, and specific ideas for caregivers on how to understand and respond to families in the aftermath of suicide. Dyregrov, A. Grief in Children: A handbook for adults. This is useful for teachers, counsellors, pastoral workers, parents, and others faced with the task of understanding children in grief and trying to help them.

Fitzgerald, H. The Grieving Teen: A guide for teenagers and their friends.

What I’ve learned about grief

Devotes attention to special needs of adolescents struggling with the loss of a peer or an other person in their life whether through violence, illness, or suicide. Haasl, B. Bereavement Support Group Program for Children. Muncie, IN: Accelerated Development. The leader manual contains rationale, objectives, and procedures.

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  5. The participant workbook includes fill-in activities and information for the children. Heegard, M. Facilitator Guide for Drawing Out Feelings. Minneapolis, MN: Woodland Press. This guide offers suggestions for developing grief support groups, and also gives directions for using the art process to help children ages 6— Can be used individually or in groups dealing with loss and change.

    Hendriks, J. When Father Kills Mother: Guiding children through trauma and grief. London: Routledge. This is a sensitive reading to help professionals work with one who endures the impact of a simultaneous murder and parental loss. Jarratt, C. Death, adoption, foster care, abandonment, and divorce have great impact on children.

    The only way out is through: a ten-step journey from grief to wholeness

    This book shows the child's grief process. Counsellors learn how to tell a child about a loss, how to understand and support grief, how to help children respond to their emotions, how to deal with problems of self-esteem and control, and how to help the child eventually to let go and move on. Activities and props such as puppets, drawings, journals, and rituals are included.

    Issues such as getting stuck in mourning and recycling loss are discussed. On Death and Dying.

    The only way out is through : a ten-step journey from grief

    LaGrand, L. Coping with Separation and Loss as a Young Adult. Springfield, IL: Charles Thomas. Covers major types of loss in the lives of young adults, coping mechanisms, managing grief, and interventions.

    Based on the author's research with young adults. Lendrum, S. The Gift of Tears. Designed to help people who find that they have to cope, in the course of their work or daily lives, with the grief of others. The authors use theory, accessible case histories, and exercises to involve the reader. Levine, S. Unattended Sorrow: Recovering from loss and reviving the heart. Emmaus, PA: Rodale.