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Review the law firm website. Review articles about the firm online.

Facing and Acing Panel Interviews

Talk to people you may know who have interviewed or worked at the firm. How did you answer someone when they asked you about your personal weaknesses? Coming off as pushy or arrogant is a turn-off. Even for law students and young attorneys it can be difficult to encapsulate their whole history in a few sentences. For experienced attorneys, it can be a nightmare. Refer to the resume; make it easier for the interviewer.

Bring a list of representative casework. The cons of the thank you letter outrank the potential benefits. Even the most gracious and classy thank you letters can backfire. They can make you seem desperate like you have no other options. Its best to leave on a high note and thank you notes give you an extra opportunity to screw up.

Put it behind you. The most important thing is to always appear enthusiastic. After a bad interview, be sure not to let it show in the next interview. Getting rejected after an interview is usually not your fault.

  • Etiquette and confidence are key.
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  • Watch what your wear.
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  • Prepare as much as you can.
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Internal firm politics and issues of personal chemistry generally play a very heavy role in employment decision-making. Share it with us by commenting below! Showing up late is a sign of disrespect.

Law interview tips | AllAboutLaw

Criticizing your last job is a major red flag. Lack of preparation will always make you look bad. Getting caught in a lie is the worst way to spoil an interview. You never want to say anything negative about your old firm. They will think you might badmouth them if they hire you. Turn it into a positive.

Say that you want increased responsibility with a firm that offers growth or a firm that is a match with your personality and skills. No one ever got a job for dressing nicely, but people have lost out on jobs for not dressing nicely. Always go for a more conservative style of dress: Men: suit, tie, leather shoes Women: business skirt, low-heeled conservative shoes; avoid perfume and flashy jewelry.

Even if the firm is more casual, dress conservative for the interview. Write up practice questions and answers. Do it in front of the mirror. Have a friend or relative ask you questions. Be thoroughly prepared for every possible question. Its better to be over-prepared than to be caught off guard. Revealing too many personal details, taking off your shoes, or treating the interviewer like one of your pals can make you look like a crazy person.

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Are you a generally nervous or shy person? Did you appear confident in your past interviews? People from the business side, however, want to know what you can do to grow the company. Executives want to hear how you can help them keep legal costs down. In the business world, solving legal problems quickly and cheaply is paramount.

Self-Descriptive Questions

Mention situations where you demonstrated the intangible attributes corporations seek, briefly relating relevant stories during your in-house interview. Show you can delegate responsibility, provide feedback, recruit, mentor, and develop talent for current and future roles and, possibly, fire people. In your in-house interview, discuss experience in making and managing legal budgets.

Preparing for an interview

Express a willingness to roll up your sleeves and do whatever work is necessary. You should prepare in the same way you would for an interview. Think about the tests listed above, as some of these are likely to be included. Remember that clients need to have complete confidence in their solicitor. Putting the interviewer at ease and appearing confident and professional will show you can manage clients. At the end of the interview, the interviewer will usually ask if you have any questions.

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This is a good opportunity to show your interest in the job and the organisation. Be prepared with a few questions and avoid asking questions that have already been answered or anything you should already know from details they have sent you. The interview is also your opportunity to decide if you want to work for the organisation so think about what you've learned and your impressions.

Think about the questions the interviewer asked. Were you satisfied with your answers, or could you do better next time? If they do not contact you by the agreed time, or if it's been more than two weeks since the interview, contact them to check the situation.

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